Rainwater Catchment Proposal

Encouraged by public artist and mentor, Mags Harries, I undertook a challenge to submit a proposal to the National Parks and the Boston Harbor Alliance in the fall of 2012. The call was for work that would engage the public in the Boston Harbor Islands while taking into account the fragile and unique ecological environment on the 34 islands. I was interested in water catchment. The islands exist off the grid, lacking water, sewage and electricity. In response to that dynamic, I proposed to create a series of pools on each island, entitled “Rainwater Catchment Pools” that   would draw on the physical and topographic shape of the islands.  Each catchment pool would be the reverse topography of the island cast in Ciment Fondu and reinforced with fiberglass, wood or stone. The purpose of these pools would be to provide a visually pleasing sculptural water basin that serves the practical use of storing and slowly dispersing rain water to the nearby plants. The pools would be placed in conjunction with newly envisioned landscaped destination spots on the islands and at places were water drains naturally, thus using gravity to both fill the pool and disperse the water to the surrounding landscape. These pools would create a series of holding tanks on every island, providing the only water source for the organic gardens and landscaping envisioned on the islands. I used Peddocks Island as my test case, building a 7 foot by 40 in plaster maquette of the reverse topography of the island. The 300 lb table currently resides in the SMFA Graduate Studios on Mission HIll, Boston.

Topo ProposalToto MaquetteMaquette in Studio In Site Show In Site BAC eve In Site BookMaquette at BAC

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