Kimberlie Garg


MA                   1991  Public Affairs  University of Minnesota, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs

BS                   1985   Political Science      Santa Clara University

AA                   2012   Sculpture                   De Anza College

Post Bac        2013   Sculpture                   SMFA

Areas of Specialization: Women and Public policy-International/International relations/Steel and Bronze Sculpture, Fabric Art, Installation art, Site-specific environmental art, Community Art

Professional Experience

1983    Summer Intern- Center for Defense Information, Washington   DC June- Aug 1983. (Assisted in collecting information on military appropriations by the US Government by attending spending hearings on Capitol Hill, and creating a data base for that information)

1984-1985    Research Assistant to the Personal Assistant for the Under Secretary General, The United Nations, Vienna Austria. (Prepared documents for the World Conference for Women/attended year long preparatory meetings for Conference/ Attended month long NGO and UN World Conference for Women, Nairobi Kenya July 1985)

1988-1989     Research Assistant, Humphrey Institute, University of MN (Researched the State of MN spending on grants to small businesses at the MN State Capitol and assisted in the writing of the 10 year independent evaluation of Job creation conducted by the University of Minnesota)


Exhibition Record:


5/21-6/17Euphrat Museum of Art De Anza College- Student Art Show (Flying Mandolin and Iris on display)

8/31-9/15  Scrap To Sculpt- Recycling Sculpture Show East Palo Alto –Sea Anemone Sculpture chosen as one of five to be honored)

10/1-10/29  Scrap To Sculpt Sculpture Showcase- City Hall of Palo Alto (Sea Anemone Sculpture)

11/3-11/25  Kaleid Gallery Scrap to Sculpt Showcase- San Jose. Sea Anemone Sculpture)


5/5-6/15  Euphrat Museum of Art De Anza College- Student Art Show (Sea Urchin Table, Sea Anemone Sculpture)


5/16-6/14   Euphrat Museum of Art De Anza College- Student Art Show (Blown glass lamp, Volcano Lamp)

10/7 Artist Introduction- The Studio by Angie- Solo show

Various pieces in Bronze, Glass, Ceramics, Steel, Fabric art and mixed media)


1/6-2/1 Mother Daughter Show- The Forum Los Altos, Ca. Various pieces in Bronze, Glass, Ceramics, Steel, Fabric art and mixed media)

5/8-6/14  Euphrats Museum of Art De Anza College- Student Art Show (Woman of Cabo, Iris Chair)

7/29  Sculptural Unveiling – The Studio By Angie- Public event to unveil Morning Glory.

9/1-9/21  Shifting Paradigms: New Student Salon SMFA (Iris)

9/24-10/12  Going- Post Bacs 2012-2013 Present SMFA(Water Lilies- Study of 12)

11/13-12/4  WIT Mission Hill Gallery Juried Show- MFA/ Post Bac. Flux)

12/11 In Site Boston Harbor Through the Artist’s Eyes SMFA/ BAC Proposal Event to the National Parks, Boston Harbor Alliance and the City of Boston (Rainwater Catchment Proposal)


1/14-31  In-Site Boston Harbor through the Artist’s Eyes SMFA (Rainwater Catchment Proposal and 40” x 70” maquette)

3/8-9  MFA/Post Bac Open Studios Mission Hill

4/17   Post Bac Reunion Show Mission Hill Gallery (Window Series #3 Twisted)

5/3-24  HI Boston- Boston Hostel Takeover Hostel International (Window Series #1-5)

5/18-20  Post Bac Graduation Show (Window on Bridge to Nowhere)

6/7-21 Mapping Historic Boston Exhibit  Boston Society of Architects (Proposal for Mapping Historic Boston)

7/12-8/2  Travel/Place/Mapping- A Special Collaboration Between  HI-Boston and SMFA  (Co-Curator, exhibited Window Series # 21- Worlds End and Window Series #25 Morey Eel”)


Morning Glory!  8 ½ “ steel sculpture on 2½ foot bases of poured cement covered in mosaic tiles. Commissioned by The Studio By Angi in Almaden, California. Installed 7/12



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