Windows 2013


1)        Window Series #1 Yosemite Valley in a storm

Recycled and reclaimed wood

Photograph by Kimberlie Garg

27” x 20 ½ “

January 2013


2)        Window Series#2 Frazzle Ice- Yosemite Falls

Recycled wood, old chair

Photograph by Kimberlie Garg

17 ¼” x 23 ¼”

January 2013


3)             Window Series #3 Twisted

Reclaimed wood, branches

Photograph by Kimberlie Garg

22” x 19”

February 2013


4)        Window Series #4 VIk

Reclaimed wood chips, drift wood

Photograph by John OBrien

17” x 17”

February, 2013


5)       Window Series #5 Looking in- Hoover Dam

Recycled wood, old chair

Photograph by Amitabh Garg

15” x 11”

February 2013


6)       Window Series #6 Whale

Recycled wood

Water color by Maggie Garg

February 2013


7)        Window Series #7 Route 2 to North Adams

Reclaimed chair wood, silk

3 min video “Route 2 to North Adams” by Kimberlie Garg

28”  x 26”

March 2013


8)       Window Series #8 De Cordova Rain

Reclaimed chair wood, silk

3 min video “DeCordova Rain” by Kimberlie Garg

28” x 26”

March 2013


9)        Window Series #9 The Making of a Window

Reclaimed chair wood, silk

3 min video “The Making of a Window” by Kimberlie Garg

26” x 26”

March 2013


10)     Window Series #10 The un-frame

Recycled wood

29” x22”

March 2013


11)      Window Series #11 Borderless

Reclaimed wood, sticks, hand dyed silk

33” x 31”

March 2013


12)      Window Series #12 The Fens


26” x 16”

March 2013


13)      Window Series #13 Curves

Reclaimed chair wood

17” x 18”

March 2013


14)      Window Series #14 Open space

Reclaimed chair wood, photo by Kimberlie Garg

Gift to Muge Karamanchi

March 2013


15)      Window Series #15 Harbor Walk

Recycled wood, glass, shells, drift wood

25” x 9”

March 2013


16)     Window Series #16 Window on Bridge to Nowhere

150 year old wood from New Hampshire

Installed on the Fens for one day

6’ x 6’

April 2013


17)      Window Series #17 Window on Bridge to Nowhere- mini

walking stick- photo of bridge during snow storm

Photo by Kimberlie Garg

9” x 13”

April 2013


18)     Window Series #18 Window on Bridge to Nowhere- mini

#2 walking stick,

hand dyed silk

13” x 13”

April 2013






19)       Window Series #19 Window on Bridge to Nowhere

Reclaimed wood, 14 photos in bridge series by Kimberlie Garg

33” x 78” installed

April 2013


20)     Window Series #20 Parrot

Branches, recycled wood, bark

21” x 16 “

April 2013


21)      Window Series #21 Worlds End

found wood, photo by Kimberlie Garg

April 2013


22)     Window Series #22 Window on Bridge to Nowhere Window

Found wood, walking stick, photo by Kimberlie Garg

28” x 36”

April 2013


23)     Window Series #23 Rose

Recycled wood, walking stick, photograph by Kimberlie Garg

10” x 15”

April 2013


24)     Window Series #24 Hole in the window

Recycled wood

11” by 7”

May 2013


25)             Window Series #25 Morey Eel

Found wood, photograph by Kimberlie Garg

21” x 17

May 2013


26)             Window Series #26 Bits and Pieces

Found wood, recycled wood, sticks and wood bark

Photograph by John OBrien

20” x 29”

June 2013


27)             Window Series #27 Worlds End

Found and recycled wood


June 2013


28)             Window Series #27 Things left behind

Frame sample, found wood, found loom piece

22’ x 15”

June 2013

Window Series #29

29)             Window Series #29 The last piece of Newton

Wooden chair reconfigured

18″ x 26″

June 2013


Garg has taken a new direction in her current work. Turning away from her earlier practice of bronze, steel and glass, she now works creating sculptures in recycled, reclaimed and found wood, including branches and sticks as well as old chairs and other broken furniture. So far she has produced 29 sculptures, which she calls her “Window Series”. The work is of a personal nature. She became obsessed with old windows, full of cobwebs and dust, that she first observed in Mass  MOCA. Looking out into the landscape of confined rivers, cars and falling snow, she felt a kinship to those spaces. Her first window looked like one found in a cabin in the woods. She installed a black and white photograph of the Yosemite Valley taken in the winter of 2011. The photo, taken in Ansel Adams style as seen in his Yosemite Valley after a snowstorm[1], is viewed out that first window. Garg admitted that she was obsessed with the creation of these windows, but was not sure what was driving her obsession. The first five windows contain photographs, but each window has become less window-like.

After completion of those first five, Garg produced three windows that are backed in silk. She created a three part video installation that was back-projected into the three suspended windows. The latest five windows move further away from traditional window style. Two are free standing and take in the atmosphere around the window as its subject. In describing these windows on a recent morning, Garg commented “I am at the mid-way point in my life. I turned 50 last summer. My grandmother just turned 100. I see that I am aging, and yet I feel young. I find in my windows a way to take something old and make it new again, to take an old view and redirect it to a point of beauty. As I take the old wood, discarded and broken, I make it into something new. I feel that I am doing that right now in my life. I am starting over. This is what captivates me and drives me to create these windows.


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